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You may request any DVD listed here by writing to us ( Please note we cannot tell you how soon we will send these out to you - our priority is to use our funds to get the Featured DVDs out as quickly as possible).

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 Facing the Giants

In his six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never had a winning season. Even the hope of a new season is squelched when the best player on his team decides to transfer schools. After losing their first three games of the season, the coach discovers a group of fathers are plotting to have him fired. Combined with pressures at home, Coach Taylor has lost hope in his battle against fear and failure.

However, an unexpected challenge helps him find a purpose bigger than just victories. Daring to trust God to do the impossible, Coach Taylor and the Eagles discover how faith plays out on the field...and off. With God, all things are possible...

The Indestructible Book

Kings and emperors could not stop it. War and revolution could not destroy it.

From the ancient deserts of Israel to the shores of the new world The Indestructible Book documents an incredible story of faith and sacrifice. This commentary by Bible scholar Ken Connolly tells of believers inspired by God to protect the Bible and carry its message of hope and salvation forward through the centuries.

The Scriptures were banned, burned and ridiculed by rulers of every age, from Roman emporers to English monarchs. Many who dared to read and share the Word met horrible deaths. Yet God’s truth could not be crushed. The greatest worldly powers were no match for the mission of the Apostles, crusaders, translators, reformers, preachers and printers dedicated to spreading the Gospel of The Indestructible Book.


Jay Austin wants to sell used cars in the worst way - and that's exactly how he does business at his dealership. Promising much more than he can ever deliver, he'll do whatever it takes to sell a car. His manipulative ways permeate all of his relationships—even his wife and son know they can't trust him.

But as Jay works on restoring a classic convertible, he begins to see that God is working on restoring him as well. Coming face-to-face with the reality of how he truly conducts himself, Jay Austin begins the ride of his life as he commits to honoring God with his business, his relationships, and his life!

 Life and Ministry of the Messiah

Pack your bags. We’re going on a journey. A quest to uncover Scripture and its meaning across history.  Filmed on location in Israel and throughout the Middle East, the DVD focuses on the birth of Jesus, his life, and his short but powerful ministry - a ministry that has shaped empires and changed the course of history.

Teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan brings together history, culture, and geography to illuminate the Gospels. Eight DVD lessons supported by an interactive Discovery Guide will let you, your family, or your small group walk with Jesus through the days of his ministry on this earth.
The insights you gain will transform your reading of the Gospels and inspire a deeper faith commitment.

Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames

Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames is a LIVE drama which has been presented all over the world since its beginning in 1979 in Ontario, Canada.  Hundreds of thousands of people have seen the drama since then and multitudes have come to accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour due to its impact.

If you feel church growth has stalled or your congregation is becoming complacent a Heavens' Gates and Hell's Flames crusade might be just the vehicle you need.

Lost Boy: The Documentary Film

There are a lot of spiritual memoirs out there, but you've never seen one like this.

Like many who came of age in the 1960s, Greg Laurie was on a search for the meaning of life. Born out of wedlock to the beautiful Charlene McDaniel, an alcoholic who went on to marry seven times, Greg started drinking, partying, and taking drugs to escape the insecurity and dysfunction of his family. But his life was suddenly changed when he encountered a group of young Christians on his high school campus in Newport Beach, California.

Greg went on to start what became one of the first mega-churches in the United States as well as a far-reaching ministry that today touches many who are searching for meaning, just as he once was.

The Documentary is really a story about being found. Greg opens a window on his life and shares about his uncertainty and disappointments, his healing and growth. He remembers the beginnings of a ministry that has touched millions of people and relives the ups, downs, sudden drops, and blind corners.