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1. How to cast out demons and break curses - Bill Subritzky

"God chose to delegate....authority to His Son." "Jesus, during His earthly ministry, commanded demons, unclean spirits, and diseases to depart. Jesus delegated that same authority to those who believe in His name. Jesus did not pray for the sick. He healed the sick, and commanded the demons to depart. Peter and John did not pray for the man at the beautiful gate of the temple. Demons and diseases are still subject to believers who command them in Jesus' name."

2. Revolution in world missions - K. P Yohannan

Not for the faint-hearted, this book is written for Christians in the western world who are not afraid to be challenged and rebuked by this man of faith.

It is difficult to read this book and not finish with a radically different perspective of how we should spend our money and how we should view the crucial work of 21st century missions.

The book is a call for the church to be the church - burdened for the lost, and using all of its resources in the most effective way possible to reach them. K P Yohanan presents a beautiful way that God is working in these last days.

 3. The walk of the Spirit, the walk of Power - Dave Roberson

An explosive, real book being used by God to transform believers' lives in extraordinary ways. If you want your life to change or if you just want to increase your understanding about this phenomenon of praying in tongues, read this book!

Also available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. Please email us and we will reply with a PDF copy attached.


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