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If you don't sell the DVDs, who pays for it? We believe God has planted the Media For Christ ministry. As with everything that He plants, He waters. Presently, we use our salaries to fund the ministry. As the need grows, God will provide.

How do you select the DVDs and other resources? Do you prefer a particular teacher or denomination? Our primary focus is apologetics - in a broad sense. We source Christian DVDs that examine, and provide argument and or evidence for, the existence of Jesus Christ. The present range of resources, on the website, provides a pretty good idea of the kind of material we would like to distribute. Media For Christ is non-denominational.

Why is it that only a church can request the resources? Our focus is to get the DVDs and other resources to churches, as opposed to individuals, so that the wider body of Christ is benefited.

What will a church do with the DVDs? Typically a church will screen the DVD for the congregation (Sunday evening services, as an example) or make it available for viewing, and discussion, through the cell/life/home groups.

I prefer to receive the non-copyrighted material in the DVD format. Use the Feedback Form to request the non-copyrighted material in the DVD format, and we’ll get it to you ASAP.