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Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia - USA.

©2009 Jentezen Franklin.

Through his experience as a pastor, teacher, musician and author, Jentezen Franklin continues in the pursuit of helping people encounter God through inspired worship and relevant application of the Word of God in our daily lives. His ministry impacts generations through global outreaches and his televised broadcast - Kingdom Connection.


1. A mother's heart 2. A second touch 3. A time to be born
4. After His passion 5. And then some 6. Beyond the badger skin
7. Big daddy 8. Come back to holiness 9. Desire
10. Diligence and your reward 11. Divine enablement 12. Every deed produces a seed
13. Fight for your family 14. Lessons from the palm tree 15. Fulfill your vision
16. Guard your bean patch 17. Build an enduring house 18. I feel good about me
19. Keeping the snake out 20. Levels of blessing 21. Living the eagle's life
22. No more excuses 23. Obedience is greater 24. Overcoming discouragement
25. Power follows passion 26. Re-member me 27. Spirits make men
28. Stories to tell your children 29. The God you cannot see 30. The Holy Ghost
31. The journey of a vision 32. The main event 33. The mysteries of the Cross
34. Power of the bloodline 35. The three Crosses 36. The turnaround anointing
37. Victory in low places 38. Little things in big hands
39. You go through it to get to it

T D Jakes

T D Jakes is the Senior Pastor of The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas - USA.

©2009 The Potter's House.

T. D. Jakes is an American entrepreneur and senior pastor of the The Potter's House, a 30,000-member church in Dallas, Texas.

On January 20, 2009, Jakes led the early morning prayer service for President-elect Barack Obama at St. John's Church in Washington, DC.

1. Comforting, coping and conquering 2. Danger of doing the right thing wrong
3. Decision 4. Don't try this on your own
5. God's glory 6. It's a matter of time
7. One heart 8. Potholes -1
9. Potholes -2 10. Redeemed but not restored
11. Seeking God 12. Some of us can't go back
13. Spell breaker 14. Still friends?
15. Still not saved 16. The danger of not moving forward
17. Thinking outside the box 18. Ye have not chosen me