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The Zion Virtual Library is a compilation of over 80 books written by Dr Brian Bailey
and other faculty of the Zion Ministerial Institute.

Zion Ministerial Institute is a residential Bible school founded by Zion
Fellowship International, a Pentecostal fellowship of churches located in
Waverly, New York. Zion Ministerial Institute is directed by Zion Fellowship,
which oversees many residential and correspondence Bible schools around the world.

Dr. Brian J. Bailey (Th. D., Ph. D., D. D.) is the President of Zion Fellowship International, Zion Ministerial
Institute, and Zion University. He is also Senior Pastor of Zion Chapel in Waverly, New York. Dr. Bailey has travelled to over a hundred countries during his ministry of over forty years, teaching in Bible colleges and preaching in leadership seminars. He is a prolific author of over fifty religious books that have been published around the world and translated into over twenty-five languages.

 Dr. Brian Bailey -

1. Angels   2. The Apostle                    
3. The Bride   4. The Chariot Throne of God
5. Colossians and Philemon   6. The Comforter
7. Contending for the Faith   8. The Cross and Resurrection of Christ
9. Daniel   10. David and Solomon
11. The Epistles of John   12. Feasts and Offerings
13. Genesis   14. The Gospel of John
15. The Gospel of Luke   16. The Gospel of Mark
17. The Gospel of Matthew   18. Hebrews
19. Hitting the Mark    20. Isaiah
21. Jeremiah    22. The Journey of Israel
23. The Book of Judges    24. Kings of Israel
25. Kings of Judah    26. Know your Bible
27. The Book of Lamentations    28. Leadership
29. The Life of Christ    30. The Ministry of the Prophet
31. Minor Prophets I    32. Minor Prophets II
33. Minor Prophets III    34. The Names of God
35. Pillars of Faith    36. Psalms I
37. Psalms II    38. Psalms III
39. The Restoration Era    40. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
41. Romans: More Than Conquerors    42. Ruth: The Gentile Bride of Christ
43. Soldiers for Christ    44. The Second Coming
45. The Tabernacle of Moses    46. Teachers of Righteousness
47. The Three Houses of Esther    48. The Two Wisdoms
49. Wisdom Literature    50. Goodness and Severity of God
51. Heaven's Glories and the Untold Terrors of Hell    52. Our Beloved Heavenly Father
53. Seven Dwelling Places of God    54. Preparing for Revival

 Betsy Caram -


   1. Women of Influence and Distinction

 Rev. Daniel Caram -

1. 1 & 2 Corinthians: A More Excellent Way

3. Salvation to the Uttermost

5. The Tabernacle of David

7. Fall and Rise of the Christian Church

2. Inheriting the Promises

4. Sermon on the Mount

6. 1 & 2 Thessalonians: He Cometh

 Dr. Paul Caram -

1. Acts

3. Established, Strengthened and Settled

5. Galatians

7. The Synoptic Gospels

9. Turning the Curse into a Blessing

11. Minister's Manual

2. Biblical Introduction

4. Foundations of the Faith

6. Hermeneutics

8. True Christianity

10. Victory over the Self-Centered Life


 Dr. Joseph Cilluffo -


1. Empowered Teachers

2. Prayer

Rev. Norman Holmes -

1. Anointed Music and Worship

3. The Epistle of Jude

5. The Hope of the Christian

2. Church History : Through the Eyes of Christ

4. Homiletics: Preparing and Delivering Sermons

6. The Book of Joshua

 Rev. Robert Tucker Sr. -


1. Changed from Glory to Glory

2. Except the Lord Build the House

3. God's Powerful Voice

 Rev. David Wallis -

1. Handbook for New Believers

 Rev. Paul Webb -

1. The Pastor's Heart