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The Gospel of Luke provides a fascinating account of just how radical and unorthodox the teachings and life of Jesus really were to the first century world. Luke shows us a Jesus who was rejected both at his birth and at his death.

In the Roman occupied territory of Judea where a relationship with God depended on nationality and slavery to the law, Jesus came to free people from their real oppressors: sin and death.

1. Annunciation, birth, Jesus as a child

2. John the Baptist, baptism, temptation, Jesus in the temple
3. Miracle of the fish filling the nets
4. Jairus' daughter, Jesus with the children
5. The Sermon on the Mount, choosing disciples
6. At the home of Simon the Pharisee
7. Parables and teachings about God's kingdom
8. Jesus calms the storm, casts out demons, rich young ruler
9. Feeding the 5000 from the fish and loaves 
10. The Transfiguration
11. Healing the blind man
12. Teaching on prayer
13. The good samaritan, Zacchaeus
14. Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, cleansing the temple
15. Jesus with religious leaders, the last supper
16. The betrayal by Judas, the arrest, Peter's denial of Jesus 
17. Jesus before Pilate, Jesus before Herod 
18. The sentence, the crucifixion, the burial
19. The resurrection, the ascension, close